Xie Yinggang shook his head and said, “The younger generation can’t.” “If you want to think highly of me,” said the Lvliang Taoist, “please don’t refuse. You just think that my” Sanyang Kaitai “is useless, and that I’m clean. It doesn’t matter if I don’t practice. Please write it down.” At that moment, no matter whether Xie Yinggang remembered it or not, he carefully read the pithy formula of “Sanyang Kaitai”. He only saw Hideoka with an uneasy expression, as if he had not listened. The Lvliang Taoist read it several times, but when he saw that he hadn’t listened to it carefully, he couldn’t help saying, “Do you really despise my” Sanyang Kaitai “Pithy Formula for Internal Skill?” “The younger generation dare not,” said Xie Yinggang hurriedly. “I’ll write it down a little.” “Do you know how many pithy formulas I have recited?” The Lvliang Taoist asked incredulously. Thought: “Look at your expression, afraid of a total of eighty-one pithy formula number also did not write down!” ” Xie Yinggang did not answer, but recited the pithy formula of “Sanyang Kaitai” sentence by sentence. www.xiaoshuotxt.,com The first six chapters are extremely vicious /tXt|? Novel Paradise One by one, exactly eighty-one sentences, one word is good, even the order of each sentence has not been reversed. The Lvliang Taoist exclaimed and said with a smile, “Unexpectedly, your memory is so strong that you don’t remember it with your heart at all. Do you know why I taught you to memorize the’Sanyang Kaitai ‘formula?” Xie Yinggang said, “How dare you hope that the younger generation will integrate the two internal skills of this school?” The Lvliang Taoist who heard the word “Benmen” had a very cordial feeling. He nodded and said with a smile, “Although Benmen has no resounding name in the martial arts world,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, its internal strength of mutual aid of Yin and Yang and compatibility of fire and water is unparalleled in the world. I don’t know if it’s a delusion. Not only did my father fail to achieve the miracle of integrating’Wang Xuegong ‘and’Sanyang Kaitai’, but also Shi Broadsword failed to achieve it. And whether it’s a delusion or a possible miracle on you, I only hope you have a chance to practice well, and you will be blessed with more money. If one day these two internal skills of mutual restraint are practiced in perfect harmony, it will be the good fortune of this school. No matter Shi’s broadsword or my father, my master’s underground spirit will also feel gratified. Xie Yinggang said in awe, “The younger generation should train hard and live up to the expectations of the older generation.” The Lvliang Taoist nodded his head and said, “Today when I found out that the Ghost King was leading his four demons to Huashan Mountain, I arranged for the Little White Crane and sent a fast horse to the Lotus Peak to report the news.”. The man must have been ahead of the ghost king,304 stainless steel wire, but he did not miss the Lotus Peak without any preparation. What I’m afraid of is that the ghost king has made an appointment with another expert to help him. It’s not too late for you to go now. All right, I won’t keep you. Go! Xie Yinggang had been burning with anxiety for a long time. Hearing this, he folded his fists and hurried away to his room. Wu Ailian changed her pajamas and fell asleep on the Kang bed. Xie Yinggang shook her violently and said in a low voice, “Go!” Wu Ailian sat up lazily and said, “It’s so late. Where are you going?” “If you want to sleep,” said Xie Yinggang, “I’ll go alone.” With that, he went to pack up. Wu Ailian took a bath and changed into a fragrant nightgown, just waiting for him to come in. She didn’t see him come in for a long time and fell asleep in a daze. Seeing this, he was very unhappy and thought to himself, “If I go to Huashan overnight, I won’t say a word. Let’s see who will help your mother get away with it.” Seeing that Yinggang was determined to go, she jumped down from the Kang bed, changed her clothes, and hurriedly packed up. The two men galloped on the road, mirror stainless steel sheet ,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, the night was as cool as water, and the cold wind blew on their faces. They saw Xie Yinggang galloping ahead, without saying a word, and the whip in his hand kept spurring his horse. When Wu Ailian saw that she was on her way to Huashan Mountain, her heart was complaining. She didn’t know what happened to Yinggang, and suddenly she was on her way again. Complaining though complaining, she did not dare to say a word of complaint, just because she thought Yinggang looked serious and did not ask for trouble. By daybreak, they had reached the foot of Huashan Mountain, and the two horses galloped through the night, sweating and foaming at the mouth. It looked like they were almost there. Before it was time for a cup of tea to climb the mountain, Xie Yinggang’s horse suddenly stumbled and fell on the hillside in grief. Xie Yinggang did not stop, but jumped off the saddle and ran straight up the hill. Wu Ai-lien saw the ugliness in her eyes and thought that she wanted to see his mother. She was not aware of it. She said to herself, “If he meets me in such a hurry, I will be willing to die.”.
” The horse is not fast, the moment also jumped down from the mount, shouted: “Wait for me!” ” Xie Yinggang was slow at his feet, but when Wu Ailian caught up with him, she took her hand and hurried faster than the galloping horse, crossing two hills in an instant. Wu Ai-lien spoke in secret, thinking that his climbing the hillside was like walking on the ground, and that his flying skills were really superior to others. At the foot of the Lotus Peak, several nuns in the distance stopped on the road and shouted, “Who are they?” “I’m guilty,” said Xie Yinggang. As soon as the voice fell, it was already close to the front of the nuns. “Nonsense!” One of the nuns scolded! The sin has been. Xie Yinggang lowered himself and said with a smile, “If you don’t kill Elder Martial Sister, don’t you know my younger brother?” If you didn’t kill him, you would see clearly that he was really guilty. It was like seeing a ghost. He was so frightened that he retreated again and again and said, “You, you’re not a ghost, are you?” Pointing to the sun, Xie Yinggang said, “Where is the ghost under the blue sky and white sun?” The nine of the ten nuns were all there, except for the color. Seeing that the sinner was not dead, they showed their true feelings and shouted one after another, “Sinner, sinner!”! “Do you have the guts to come back?” He said coldly. “Since I left Lotus Peak,” said Xie Yinggang, “I’ve been walking steadily and standing upright for three years. Why don’t you dare come back?” Do not kill way: “You’re pretending. Since you’re afraid we’ll expose that you’ve stolen Shizu’s martial arts, why don’t you pretend to the end and come back to do something?” Xie Yinggang smiled and said, “As long as Elder Martial Sister takes the blame and hides it, won’t Shizu still not know?” ” “We dare not deceive Shizu,” he snorted coldly. “We can’t hide it.” Xie Yinggang bowed and said, “Forgive me, Elder Martial Sister! Forgive me!” “Don’t be greedy,” said the eight nuns, “Elder Martial Sister, you see how pitiful he is. Give him a break!” “The return of the prodigal son will not change the gold, so I will hide it for him once.” They all loved the son of sin very much,brushed stainless steel sheet, and when they saw that the son of sin not only did not die, but also suddenly came back, they really liked him very much and said that “the return of the prodigal son does not change gold”.

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