As soon as he smelled the pungent smell of traditional Chinese medicine, Mu Mingdong immediately held his breath, a burst of anger in his heart, and turned his eyes to Tong Junyan! The cold and piercing light shone on him. Tong Junyan, who bowed his head and coughed fiercely, immediately shivered. He grasped the veil in his hand and looked at her. He asked weakly in a low voice, “Why are you staring at me again?” “It’s all your fault!” Grinding his teeth, Mu Mingdong stared at him bitterly and said bitterly. Said to infect her, this guy really infected her with the cold virus! After giving him a forced kiss that night, when she woke up the next morning, she was as dizzy, tearful and coughing as he was for many days. How many times has she done this to him these days? Tong Junyan shrank and wanted to cry without tears. I didn’t mean to! Mu Mingdong immediately stared: “How dare you say it wasn’t intentional?” Deliberately not wearing a robe, deliberately ran to the draught to stand and pretend to be melancholy, the result of pretending for a long time is to run back with a cold virus all over her body, but also intentionally to infect her! A good baby who has always been healthy, his reputation has been destroyed by his sinister intentions! “Well, I did it on purpose. How are you?” Back and forth several times, Tong Junyan was annoyed, bold, stood up and shouted, “I am intentional.” Achoo! Achoo! In the middle of the conversation, his nose itched and he quickly lowered his head and sneezed desperately. Hum, it serves you right. When Mu Mingdong saw it,tile profile factory, he curled the corners of his mouth and smiled coldly. But immediately, a sharp itch crept up her throat, and she quickly covered her mouth and coughed. Achoo! You, you deserve it! Achoo! Tong Junyan said, regardless of their own status quo also want to gloat. Young master, young madam, you say a few words less! All the attendants around were speechless. Xia He shook his head and helped Mu Mingdong to sit down. He said softly, “Don’t worry about anything. It’s right to rest assured first.” He picked up the medicine bowl and said,stainless steel tile trim, “Come on, drink the medicine!” “No!”! It’s so bitter! On the opposite side, when the medicine bowl was still three steps away from him, Tong Junyan stretched out his hand and tried to refuse. Mu Mingdong sneers: “I am infected by you and don’t feel bitter. What do you dislike as the culprit?” Still drink medicine three times a day to dislike three times, is it over? “This is bitter!” Tong Junyan flattened his mouth and whispered. Mu Mingdong picked up the bowl and looked at him coldly. “Cut the crap and drink,” he said in a deep voice. As soon as Tong Junyan’s shoulder shrank, he stopped talking, lowered his head, reluctantly picked up the bowl, and drank the medicine in small sips. After the last mouthful, he hurriedly threw the bowl aside, pulled his neck and shouted, “Where is the sugar?”? Where’s the sugar? Come on, get the sugar! “Don’t give it to him.” Directly opposite him, Mu Mingdong, who had already finished drinking the portion in his bowl, metal trim manufacturers ,tile trim manufacturers, happily bit the sweet osmanthus candy and said in a cold voice. Behind him, Xia He, who had just planned to send him a small dish of sweet osmanthus candy, immediately returned to his original place and remained motionless. Full of the bitter taste of Coptis chinensis, Tong Junyan’s facial features are tightly wrinkled together, busy vigorously rushed over: “Give me the sugar quickly!” I’ll give it to you! Is to give you enough to taste this bitter taste, a deep understanding of the uncomfortable taste of illness, to see if you dare to continue to do so in the future! Act recklessly, harm others and yourself, and deserve to be punished! The corners of his mouth turned up slightly. At the moment when he jumped in front of him, he stood up. Mu Mingdong grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the door: “Don’t shout. It’s time. Let’s go and do sports.” “Huh?”? Still want to do it? Tong Junyan cried in a low voice, staring at the sweet osmanthus candy that was getting farther and farther away from him, and his face was full of sorrow. Of course! Just because you are not in good health, you will catch cold when the wind blows, and it will also harm me. Therefore, you urgently need to exercise and become invulnerable to all kinds of poisons! Mu Mingdong said loudly, dragging him out vigorously. Whoo, I don’t want it! Tong Junyan struggled, a low tears sliding down from the corner of his eyes, I do not know whether it is grief and indignation or suffering from medicine. I don’t want it! No All the way to Mu Mingdong dragged, strode to the gate, Tong Junyan shouted, struggling constantly.
“Oops!” Arrived at the door, was about to corner, do not want to face a figure, the two sides are about to collide, Mu Mingdong eye disease quick hand, Tong Junyan pushed back, he also followed a step back, successfully avoided. But the other side is not so lucky. She couldn’t stop braking for a moment and hit straight ahead. If it hadn’t been for the servant girl behind her, she would have almost fainted on the big locust tree outside the yard. Standing firm, Mu Mingdong turned his head to look, and finally found out who the girl who made such an artificial low voice was. “Is that you?” He whispered. “Cousin.” Turning to Mu Mingdong and his wife, cousin Chu, who had not seen her for a few days, stirred the veil and gave a gentle cry. So pitiful as ever. Since people still only recognize their cousin but not her sister-in-law, Mu Mingdong shrugged his shoulders, saying that he was an outsider and would not participate in the interaction between them. And the first time to see people, Tong Junyan slightly Leng Leng, his face suddenly flashed a touch of joy, but was immediately replaced by shallow resentment. “What are you doing here?” He asked in a low voice. “I heard you were ill, and I came to see you.” Stealthily raised his eyelashes to look at him, and Chuchu’s cousin whispered. Tong Junyan curled the corners of his mouth and said in a cold voice, “I’m all right. At least I haven’t fainted yet.” “Cousin!” As soon as he heard this, he knew that he was satirizing himself for pretending to be dizzy that day. Cousin Chu was so sad that she looked up at him with tears shining in her eyes. A more pitiful look. Tong Junyan’s heart wavered a little. But still cruel don’t open your eyes, cold way: “Thank you, sorry.”. I’m just a little sick. I’ll be all right soon if I drink the medicine and walk around more. In fact, you don’t have to come to see me at all, and I don’t have time to talk to you. He grabbed Mu Mingdong’s hand and shouted, “Let’s go. Didn’t you say you were going to do sports?” Then he walked forward without looking back. Cousin. Behind him came the mournful cry of his cousin, and then there seemed to be a whisper of sobs in his ears. Tong Junyan’s footsteps paused,tile trim factory, grasping the hand of Mu Mingdong’s hand to tighten a little, then all the horsepower, a strong start to rush forward.

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