As soon as he got up against the wall, he fell down again, with infinite chagrin. He had been enduring it all the time. He was so excellent, but now he was disabled. Whether this is a conspiracy or not, Ouyang Ming roared angrily, “Ah ~ ~ ~” Hit the wall with one punch to vent his anger. Followed by a scream: “Ah ~ ~ ~” It’s that woman. There was a loud noise at the entrance of the cave, and a lot of earth fell from the top of the cave. What was going on. Ouyang Ming gritted his teeth. He called to the woman, “Xin tenderness, Xin tenderness, are you all right?” Xin tenderly looked at the scene in front of her in horror, my God! The big mouse was spitting out lasers in its mouth and shooting them into the hole. But as if there was an invisible wall at the entrance of the cave, no matter how it spit out the laser, it could not shoot in, and the angry beast roared. Xin tenderness repeatedly swallowed saliva, fear of the heart slowly began to recover, she understood that this thing can not come in. If I hadn’t been so close to it, I would have been killed by the laser it spit out. But what is that, a rat that spits lasers? Ah? Xinrou is looking at, faintly heard Ouyang Ming called her, she stood up,whirlpool hot tub, holding the wall and went in. The branches had burned out, and it was dark inside, but he could still be seen. For the first time, she wanted to throw herself into a man’s arms regardless of everything. She wanted to throw herself into the man’s arms to comfort herself. She died. The next moment she didn’t hold back and threw herself into Ouyang Ming’s arms. Whoa! She began to cry, she had never been so afraid, unknown place, unknown mouse,endless swimming pool, but also spit laser chasing her, she almost did not see him. Whoo ~ ~ ~ Xin tenderness keeps crying! Did not see Ouyang Ming, indifferent expression, and even a trace of disgust. He gradually changed his expression and became softer, but he still pushed away the tenderness. “What’s the matter?” He asked softly? Are you in danger? Xintengqing wiped her tears and sobbed for a while. After crying, she was a little sober and embarrassed. The body left Ouyang Ming and said shyly, “I’m sorry, I’m a little scared.” After panting for a while, Xin tenderly grabbed Ouyang Ming and said tremblingly, “Brother, we seem to be wearing it.” Ouyang Ming didn’t understand what he meant. “What are you wearing?” He asked. Xin tenderly swallowed the next saliva and continued: “We seem to have crossed.” Ouyang Ming’s face twitched in the darkness, a little angry, and the disgust grew stronger. “Don’t talk nonsense,” he said. “There is no such thing as time travel.” He was more sure that it was a conspiracy that the woman had kidnapped herself, massage bathtub manufacturers ,american hot tub, made up such a lie to coax herself, and broke her leg. He would never forgive her, and when she got out, she would go to prison for the rest of her life. I actually feel that she is a little kind, disgusting woman just pretended to be so innocent, and now it is not Baba’s rush up. What Xintengqing saw through some glimmers of light was that Ouyang Ming’s handsome face showed disdain and disgust. Chapter three hundred and seventy hold a grudge After eating two fruits, she dared to ask Ouyang Ming, “Does your leg still hurt?” Ouyang Ming promised, “It’s all right. It doesn’t hurt much. It’s a little numb.” It doesn’t hurt to be folded like that. It’s not nerve necrosis! Still have to hurry to find someone, the next sentence directly said: “Then you rest, I go out to find someone, can not always be so sleepy.” He left without waiting for him to speak. Ouyang Ming looked at the slender figure, disappeared at the mouth of the cave, and began to frown. What is this place? Who is she? She said it was a forest outside, and she said there was no one. Is it really a forest here? Is there really no one or is she lying on purpose? She didn’t find anyone at all. Ouyang Ming’s eyes are getting deeper and deeper. Is it a conspiracy? Xin tenderness out of the cave, while it is not dark to go a little farther this time, took out the mobile phone to see, or no signal. Take it as it comes! Then he took out the tissue paper, tore it into small strips, and tied a note every few trees. It’s all the same here. It’s very easy to get lost.
After walking for about half an hour this time, I stopped to take a breath and looked at it from a distance. There were white clouds, during which I could see the snow-capped mountains faintly between the leaves. It was really a bit refreshing to have a look. But how a small animal is not, the wild fruit is picked a lot, enough to eat for a night, there is also a bird call! But I didn’t see any birds. There are only some low bushes with some unknown flowers and plants. I really haven’t seen it. It’s not really a primeval forest. I’ve been walking for so long and shouting for so long. There’s really no one here. I really don’t want to go. One is fear, the other is fear. What the hell is this place? It’s really scary! I have never done such an exciting thing since I was a child. At most, I was beaten and ran away from home when I was a child. Before I got out of the house 10 meters, I saw a dog and ran back. But we still have the spirit of adventure, Xin tenderness just happy to boast a few words, I feel something is wrong. There was a moment when I felt a chill on my body and goose bumps rose one by one. Sweet and tender feeling comfort oneself, should be in the woods Yin gas is heavy, will be a little cold. After an excitement, that kind of feeling is stronger, this will not be the sixth sense! Can predict something unknowable, such as danger! Mom’s! Before and after the left and right up and down, carefully looked again, nothing ah! But that feeling is-frighten people to explode hair! Xintengqing began to walk back, faster, when she finally saw something different. I saw it in my eyes when I was walking. It looked like a pair of eyes, but it didn’t look like human eyes. It’s just gone in a flash in the bushes. That one eye lets Xin tenderness all over fine hair stand up, that is the eye of what thing! Xin tenderness is a little shaking and her legs are a little soft, but she still insists on walking fast. However, the eyes appeared again, becoming blood-red and tender,jacuzzi manufacturers, forcing themselves not to see. Go quickly, there is still a way to the hill, but unconsciously look at it. monalisa.com

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