As soon as Duan Yun saw Bai Duanduan drinking to drown his sorrows, she couldn’t bear it at the moment: “I told you that this man was drunk at the beginning, and it sounded a little insincere. As a result, now you see, not long after you two established your relationship, this man began to retreat. The reason he said was high-sounding and busy with his work!”! You can’t even get angry. If you don’t get angry, this man can pour a basin of water on you and say you’re not sensible! Duan Yun concluded, “According to me, this is a master of love, at arm’s length, making you worry about gains and losses. In fact, to put it bluntly, it may be hunting for women.” Bai Duanduan did not speak, and drank a mouthful of wine. Duan Yun looked at Duanduan angrily, and then she suddenly remembered something and blinked: “Duanduan, did you sleep with him?” Bai Duanduan put down his wine glass and stared at Duan Yun. What is all this. As soon as Duan Yun saw her expression, she quickly sighed. She lowered her voice and said, “Count the time by yourself. Did this man begin to retreat to you after you slept with him?”? Hey! If this is the case, then you are properly met slag man, did not get it, hold it in the palm of your hand, what disgusting words are willing to say,30ml dropper bottle, once you get it, you do not cherish it, this kind of man does not want to develop a long-term relationship, is to want to develop a girlfriend.. Bai Duanduan felt it necessary to interrupt Duan Yun’s runaway thinking: “No.” “Huh?” She stared at the glass. “Never slept.” Not only did I not sleep, but I was rejected when I wanted to sleep! Garbage season! As soon as Bai Duanduan thinks about this stubble, the more he thinks about it, the more angry he is. What kind of garbage straight man is Ji Lin! As soon as this word went down, Duan Yun clapped her thigh fiercely: “Then I know!” Duan Yun ah, you do not know that my object is Ji Lin,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, the analysis of the bull’s head is not right, now what do you know ah! Duan Yun’s face showed an expression of insight at the moment: “What do you know?”? Sleeping or not, this is the key point that contemporary couples are most likely to go wrong! She said in a deafening way, “It’s a little bit. I’ve overslept, and I don’t have a sense of mystery. I even don’t live in tune with my life. As a result, I feel dull when I sleep. After sleeping, I break up. But you, I think maybe the problem is that you haven’t slept. You and your boyfriend are not young, and they are still so innocent.”? It’s been a month or so, but you’re still so reserved that you don’t let people touch you at all? Then don’t think you don’t love him. If you are disheartened, you may be a little cold. “……” Didn’t you say he was on a business trip? Then you wait for someone to come back from a business trip, make an appointment with the other party in private, open a bottle of red wine, sleep directly, and that’s it. Bai Duanduan felt that it was necessary for her to pry open Duan Yun’s friend’s head to have a look. Besides the yellow thing, Amber Dropper Bottles ,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, did she have anything else in her mind? Fortunately, Xue Wen finally could not bear to look at Duan Yun’s analysis, she pulled Duan Yun: “I think Duanduan and her boyfriend is not this problem.” “That’s not it. What’s the problem?” Duan Yun blinked, “OK, as soon as you came in, you said that you and your boyfriend had a problem in their relationship. He was suddenly very cold to you. He was only busy with his work. The time to meet at ordinary times was almost gone, and the rest did not elaborate on the details. Then you tell us about it, and we will analyze it for you.” Duan Yun assumed the posture of interrogation: “Originally, physiognomy can see a lot of problems, but ask you to show us the picture of your boyfriend, you are not willing, I do not force people difficult, I ask you to answer, first of all, your boyfriend handsome?” “Handsome.” “Is it high?” “187.” “How is your figure?” Bai Duanduan thinks: “Very good, have abdominal muscle.” Now the abdominal muscles can also be fake! Taobao has sold abdominal muscle clothes, the recent tremolo hot style, silicone material, wear a coat outside, this winter absolutely can not see, now men can also be hypocritical.. “It’s true.” Bai Duanduan said earnestly, “I’ve seen it.” “?” Once he took a shower, I accidentally broke in and saw him.
” Duan Yun’s eyes shone and she said, “Then what?”! You have watched others take a shower! And then what happened? “Oh, he scolded me out.”. I recited the law outside the room for a long time to calm down. “……” Duan Yun went on to ask, “Since you are handsome and have a good figure, what about your career?”? Do you have a proper job? How about making money? “It’s a legitimate occupation. If you make money, your annual income will be half a billion yuan after tax.” Duan Yun asks minutely: “Does that spend money to you?” “Yes, I’ve spent more than a million yuan on gifts in the last month.” “……” Bai Duanduan said here, a little depressed: “But he does not accompany me, every day busy work, I feel unhappy, I feel as if he does not need me..” Bai Duanduan looked at Duan Yun, “You always fall in love with high demand and high standards, Duan Yun, if you meet this kind of boyfriend, has you broken up decisively?”? Always this kind of thing, you all persuade to divide not to persuade to make peace, but I. As expected, Duan Yun was filled with righteous indignation, and her voice could not help rising: “This is the best!” Sure enough, she was going to scold, and felt that Ji Lin’s practice was very good. As a result, when Bai Duanduan was ready to hear Duan Yun’s angry scolding, she heard her eyes shine and her painting style suddenly changed: “Duanduan!”! If you don’t want this kind of man, you can give him to someone who needs him. ??? Duan Yun finished, pointing to himself: “You look at me, the New Year, although my career is very smooth, but I lack such a boyfriend,Blue Bottle Serum, if you do not want, fat water does not flow outside the field, do you think I can?” ???。

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